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Unleash the evolution in NFTs – your companion levels up, evolves, and earns passive income just by holding. Join the revolution with Evolutions NFT! 

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About Evolutions

 Step into a realm of creativity with Evolutions, a distinctive project on the Cardano blockchain. Witness the evolution of your favorite creatures, each NFT holding the power to transform. What sets us apart? As a holder, you not only own a piece of this captivating universe but also earn a 10% royalty from all marketplace sales. Join us in the evolution and make your NFT journey both enchanting and rewarding!  


Subject to change as we add more utility!

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    Embark on a thrilling journey with our Evolutions launch! We present a limited mint of 3,000 hand-drawn companions, each featuring three distinct evolutions and over 30 unique traits. Revel in the diversity of rarities and stats, making each companion a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

    Royalties: As a holder, unlock the potential for continuous rewards. Enjoy a 5% monthly royalty share from all sales, with your earning rate intricately tied to your companion's level. Your investment grows not just in value but in the evolving narrative of our dynamic ecosystem.

    Levelling: Take control of your companion's destiny by leveling up through our intuitive website over the blockchain. Elevate the experience and simultaneously increase your passive income rewards. It's not just about ownership; it's about actively shaping the evolution.

    Evolve: Experience the pinnacle of your companion's journey at LvL 10 or LvL 20. Evolve your companion to witness a substantial boost in stats and a visually stunning upgrade. This isn't just about progression; it's about transforming your NFT into a living, evolving masterpiece. Join us on this evolutionary adventure!

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    Explore a world of exciting possibilities with Evolutions! We're actively considering partnerships with established tokens to bring you exclusive companion accessories and real-world swag (Stuff We All Get). The funds generated from royalties and minting will be strategically utilized to enhance liquidity, ensuring a vibrant ecosystem, and fuel the development of future utility and rewards. Your journey with Evolutions is not just about NFTs; it's about shaping a dynamic and rewarding universe together. Stay tuned  

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    Battle Arena Game

    Exciting times ahead as Evolutions unveils its anticipated game verse! Powered by CIP-68 tech, our NFTs evolve beyond collectibles to conquer the gaming frontier. Trainers, your voice shapes the game – vote on genres and mechanics. Watch your companions evolve functionally, gearing up for an immersive gaming experience. Engage, conquer, and reap unique rewards in this thrilling evolution! 

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    Stake Pool

     Embark on a new era of community decentralization with the introduction of the Evolutions stake pool! At the heart of our commitment to the community, we're taking control of rewards by running our very own stake pool. This initiative ensures a seamless continuation of providing rewards for our holders. Join us as we empower the community and strengthen the bond through the Evolutions stake pool. Your rewards, your control! 

How It Works

Evolving your creatures is easy.
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    Mint your first companion.
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    Level up your companion to boost stats and unlock rewarding multipliers in the dynamic world of Evolutions.
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    Experience the magic of live evolution on our website as your NFT transforms at Levels 10 and 20, bringing your companions to life.

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